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Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

  This type of investigation focuses on obtaining proof that the subject is being unfaithful. This is generally done with video and/or photographic evidence. We have the experience and skills to help you. We discuss the subject's profile and then we establish a plan of action specific to your case and needs. Our skilled surveillance agents then go to work on getting you proof and giving you peace of mind. We understand this is a personal and difficult matter and can help you get the evidence you need to make decisions. We can help you.


Child Custody

  Child Custody investigation focuses on obtaining evidence to assist you in ensuring that your child is in a safe environment. We can document what happens when the child is with the other party. We can also document behavior the other party is exhibiting that the court may consider not to be in the best interest of the child: reckless driving, alcoholism, drug use, etc. Do they have a new person in their life whose character and behavior are in question? We can help!


Spousal Support

  We perform an investigation to assist you in reducing your spousal and/or child support. There can be a change in employment you are not aware of. Many times the other party has undocumented sources of income or may have someone living with them that is not on the record. We can find "off the books" jobs. This is common with those that are self-employed or in the construction industry. Does your ex now have someone residing with them? We provide evidence of cohabitation. We can help!


Background Investigation


When you need to know about a subject's past and present. Do they have a criminal history? Have they been sued, married, divorced, etc. We know where to look and how to obtain the information you need. When you need to be sure about someone, we can help. The reason could be due diligence for a business dealing, checking out a new person in your life - there are many reason to check someone out. When you are looking for a real background investigation and not a database search - call us. We go beyond the database to find the dirt.



Personal Matters


We perform investigations into a wide variety of personal matters. We understand these are generally discreet and have experience with all type of personal matters needing investigation. Contact us now for a case assessment. We deal with client personal matters on a daily basis and there is no need to be apprehensive about contacting us. We have been performing investigation and surveillance for decades.






Your internal business problems have the best chance of being resolved when they are addressed by skilled investigators experienced in situations similar to yours. Lantonio & Associates, LP can help you!

Let our professional investigative staff provide real solutions to your business and employee problems!


We provide a comprehensive range of critical services for all businesses, large and small. Whether you are a small retail establishment in need of an employee theft investigation, a large industrial complex in need of short or long term undercover operatives, or a corporation with the need for one to one hundred pre-employment checks - you can count on us.

If you require our assistance for a service you do not see listed - ask. No two investigations are the same. Our experienced team of professional investigators can assist you with:

Covert Video
Competitor Intelligence
Employee Theft Investigations
Fraud Investigations
On-site Drug Activity
Pre-employment screening
Workers Comp Cases




We are specialists in video surveillance and investigation for insurance matters. Contact us today for our Rate and Services Schedule.

When you need investigative assistance for a civil or criminal case, you can rely on Lantonio & Associates. We will produce detailed data, dependable information and exacting evidence that can produce the critical difference for your case.

All investigative work is performed under the premise that your case will go to trial. We use every effort to make sure you receive high quality work-product.

We have a high regard for continuing education, as our investigators attend seminars and conferences throughout the nation on a regular basis. We keep up to date on the latest procedures and techniques of investigation, thus providing you with superior work-product.

All assignments are completed in a timely and efficient manner. They are always trial ready.